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Shark Tooth Necklace Terraria. The shark tooth necklace is an accessory, as well as a crafting material in terraria.players can use it to craft a stinger necklace or they can eqip it to get a buff where players attacks ignore five points of enemy armor, giving a slight attack boost to the players. Flamelash, flower of fire, night's edge and molten fury with ammo included.

How to get Shark Tooth Necklace Terraria 1.4 YouTube
How to get Shark Tooth Necklace Terraria 1.4 YouTube from

Increases armor penetration by 5. Shark tooth necklace increases damage by 3 and almost every prehardmode weapon doesn't go above 30 base damage. They are better on expert mode (cause of how defence is calculated), and are simply increasing damage of your hits by small amount.

How to get Shark Tooth Necklace Terraria 1.4 YouTube

Shark tooth necklace, an accessory that increases armor penetration by 5 stinger necklace , the direct upgrade of the shark tooth necklace, that releases bees and increases armor penetration by 5 cross necklace , a hardmode accessory that doubles the duration of the invincibility a player is afforded after taking damage With the avenger emblem you'd do 6% more damage per hit before defense, so you'd do 6 more damage per hit, for a total of about 101 damage instead of 95. Click to see full answer. While equipped, the player's armor penetration is increased by 15 and all damage is increased by 10%.