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Elden Ring Necklace. As you head to the area circled in the map above, you’ll. Quest and details related to blackguard big boggart in elden ring.

Elden Ring Necklace Etsy UK
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She will ask you to help her get her necklace back, but you might have to fight for it. Elden ring rya’s necklace guide. Discover short videos related to elden ring necklace on tiktok.

Elden Ring Necklace Etsy UK

One of the optional side quests within elden ring that relates to helping rya get her necklace back. First meet her at liurnia of the lakes under the pavilion next to the birdseye telescope north of laskyar ruins. It’s boilprawn shack, northwest of rya’s starting location and north of the scenic isle grace. Raises immunity, robustness, and focus.